Why I Didn’t Complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

4 thoughts on “Why I Didn’t Complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

    1. It definitely wouldn’t have hurt my pretty little head. However, it would go against what I believe in. I don’t believe in falling for peer pressure. I don’t believe in doing this just because everyone else is. I like to see the meaning beyond the surface and learn things. If I choose to do something, it’s because I see a real benefit for myself and for others. In this case, I didn’t. I didn’t think the internet needed one more ice bucket challenge. It could do without. And so could I.


  1. Dumping Ice water on your head, mimics the way ALS sufferers feel every minute of the day. its not a big deal if you participate, I’m sure your friends just wanted to help support the cause by spreading awareness to their friends and so on. I participated in the challenge and also donated what I could. But I agree most people are getting lost in the fad or the challenge and dont really know what its about.


    1. Yeah, I figured that was the relation, however, I don’t see the feeling being similar at all. Maybe if the challenge was to lay in ice water then I could see the relation.

      A lot of videos I watch people didn’t even use ice, just water. I’m sure it’s cold, but not ICE cold, and therefore not capable of allowing the person to feel what an ALS victim feels every day. I also saw a lot of people using water from a lake, in their bathing suit.

      Like you said, and like i said in my post, it’s all about the awareness. And for that I understand why people did it. And to donate to the cause. And for that it’s an amazing marketing ploy! Thanks for your comment “someone”.


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