10 Amateur Social Media Hacks

7 thoughts on “10 Amateur Social Media Hacks”

    1. It seems silly, doesn’t it? unfortunately, the way facebook has its algorithm set up makes it difficult to get organic likes because your posts don’t get a lot of organic exposure. So, sometimes paying for likes is helpful, however, it is dangerous. I prefer to get likes the old fashioned way, honest and true.


  1. Publicly busting people for violation of social media rules you believe exist is a big one for me. Someone got a generic LinkedIn invite from me and posted a #Fail message on Twitter about it. That was stupid, rude and a great way to experience what getting blocked is like all over the place. Be nice, and loosen up.

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    1. Wow! I cant believe someone went to all that trouble to prove a point! The linkedin invite one i have to admit is one i do often. I dont usually craft a unique invite message when im requesting to connect with soneone but then again, i dont connect with people i dont know on linkedin.

      Now you’ve got me thinking… I hope i havent publicly humiliated anyone on my post 😊 i tried to screen usernames where appropriate!


  2. Nothing bothers me more than Twitter accounts that have over 20,000+ followers, and all they do is retweet. It may be “easier”, but to people that actually notice, like Me, it get’s a quick unfollow from me.

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    1. Good on you for noticing, too! I find it to be very unprofessional and it doesnt show a level of authority or knowledge of their industry. Also, how do they get so many followers? Possibly by cheating?


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