Stop Thinking Negatively & Start Feeling Positively

3 thoughts on “Stop Thinking Negatively & Start Feeling Positively”

  1. In my last post I mentioned I have been struggling with body image issues recently and it was recently heightened by me stepping on the scale for the first time in 30 days. I saw a number that I wasn’t ecstatic about and I let a stupid number destroy me. I need to let the scale go and think positive thoughts more often. My mother owns a book that is literally just quotes of positive thoughts and I am encouraged now to go by one. I think it is all a mindset and we are our own worst critics and we have the power to change that.


    1. I completely agree with you, Becca. We are our own worst critics.

      I did the same thing, I stepped on the scale a week after I decided I wouldn’t anymore and the number was the same as before. I started feeling really upset after that and that’s when I realized that it’s not worth it to worry about the number on the scale when, without knowing my weight, I feel happy with my body anyway.

      There are so many other, more important things that I would rather be worrying about. Life is WAY too short to spend it trying to attain a weight that isn’t realistic or to spend any amount of time putting myself down for things I cannot change.

      It’s really empowering to focus on the way my body feels versus the number on the scale.

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