Being Diagnosed with a Genetic Disease (PCOS)

6 thoughts on “Being Diagnosed with a Genetic Disease (PCOS)”

  1. As someone else who’s recently gotten this news, you’ve got my sympathies – and admiration. It’s hard to take that kind of news and turn it around into productivity, so eight pounds is fantastic! Also fun to see someone else who uses Fitbit to help with PCOS. It’s really encouraging hearing other voices, so thank you for putting yours out there.

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    1. It was tough the first day, but I left the doctors office with so many resources that it was hard to be discouraged. Plus, on my way out the door my doctor told me, “We WILL get you pregnant.” So if he is confident that we can manage my PCOS, then I will do everything in my power to get there. I’ve heard from so many women that have PCOS that have had children and live a relatively normal life, managing their symptoms. And like my friend (who is also a family doctor) told me, PCOS is one of the best genetic diseases I could be diagnosed with. It sounds terrible, but the symptoms are manageable and it’s not a death sentence unlike many, MANY other genetic diseases.

      So cheers to us! We CAN and we WILL manage our PCOS symptoms so much so that unless told, people would never know we have a genetic disease!

      Feel free to add be as a friend on FitBit via my email address ( I’d love to have a fellow cyster keeping me motivated!

      While I’m here, got any ideas for the name of my PCOS journey blog that I want to start?

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      1. I added you on fitbit! (Note: for professional reasons I started this blog with not-my-real-name, hence the friend invitation from a seemingly random stranger.)

        You’re right – it was really discouraging at first, but my doctor’s been an amazing resource, and it’s satisfying seeing positive changes as a result of effort. And it’s not like I was suddenly given a new thing; I’ve had this probably since puberty, and it’s gratifying in a way to know what’s actually going on instead of feeling helpless. (Hey, I think that’s going to be a blog post!)

        As for naming ideas …. sorry, I’m super bad at titles. My brain’s just coming up with a bunch of bad puns, and I think you can probably do better than that. 🙂

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      2. Thanks for the invite! We will have to motivate each other to get our 10,000 steps in! I wish we could make a PCOS group within FitBit!

        Yes, it’s nice to know that I’m not crazy, that all the symptoms I’ve been having are due to a greater cause. At least we have the resources to do what we can to be as healthy as possible!

        I can’t seem to come up with any good ideas either. Hence why it’s been over a month since my diagnoses and I’m just publishing this blog post now. Lol! Hoping a great idea comes to me when I least expect it!

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